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Chrissie chresta - accountant

A few years ago I had a car accident and needed a PT to strengthen my back and leg. On looking at the board of PT on the gym board I chose Ben because of his qualifications and experience. Once the repair course of sessions had completed I continued the weekly hour with him

He always encourages you and pushes you through the workout even at times when you feel that you cant, several times my eyes have nearly popped out of my head in shock thinking I cant do that when he knows that I can and imp just being lazy and self doubtful! Through the training he teaches you how to do the exercises properly so I know when im not doing it correctly and can even see others mistakes too. Its sometimes harder doing it right but that’s half the point! No pain, no gain! Have noticed other trainers who let their clients train incorrectly which is not beneficial to their training and performance.

Ben appears to have a great rapport with all his clients, which certainly makes the training sessions less of a chore and more fun and fitness!