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Gareth Jones - Navy officer

Ben is in my view a top rate trainer because he makes training sessions enjoyable yet highly productive: he has the rare knack of blending humour and banter, professional expertise and uncompromising vigilance to produce high impact training. While Ben is personable and easy to get along with, he always keeps his eye on the training objectives pushing you hard and ensuring both your effort and form is spot on.

  • The programmes he designed for me delivered significant results in terms of developing strength and shedding unnecessary weight: there is no slog in this as Ben is ahead of the game and changes the focus regularly to ensure you are being pushed to maximum effect as you start gaining muscle and better form.
  • Since training with Ben I have had significant weight loss and gain in muscle strength so much so that I have had to replace most of my wardrobe: dropping 4 to 6 inches from the waist and around 2 stone in of weight. People have not seen me for a while are taken aback at the transformation.
  • I will train with other trainers, mainly in Los Angeles or London, when away from Portsmouth on business or vacations: they are significantly more expensive and not a patch on Ben in terms of professional knowledge, humour and pushing you to the maximum performance and form of which you are capable.
  • Without a doubt the best trainer I have come across in the UK or the States. You will struggle to find better.