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Jo Green

When I first started training with Ben I wasn't looking for a personal trainer - my friend had started training with him, and said he was good, so I thought I would give it a go for a couple of weeks. That was over 7 months ago! I'd enjoyed doing regular exercise for many years but classes can get monotonous and I can always find an excuse not to push myself when I'm on my own. I knew I'd put on weight and it wasn't shifting at the gym, even though I thought I'd built up a good knowledge of training over the years. Ben has taught me so much about how to train, as well as pushing me harder than I thought I could be pushed. Each work out is meticulously compiled in advance and tailored specifically for my exact requirements.

He constantly changes the exercises, which has maximum impact and also keeps the workouts motivating and fun. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands how to enhance each exercise to benefit multiple target areas, for example core, posture and strength.

I mainly exercise to ensure my overall fitness levels but am surprised that in such a relatively short space of time I have lost 3 inches from my waist, 2 inches from each thigh, 11 pounds in weight and 7% body fat! I always thought personal trainers were an expensive luxury for people who were just starting out in fitness, how wrong I was!