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Luis Esposito - Sales Manager Universal Pay Limited

It has been my good fortune to be trained by Ben off and on for the couple of years. During this time I have seen some great results both physically and mentally. I decided after many years of inactivity that I needed help to achieve my goals (My wedding) and was recommended I try a personal trainer. I have found Ben to be both a dedicated and reliable trainer who is generally concerned about their client’s wellbeing and overall health (Constantly on my case for smoking!!) both in the short term and long term goals.

The vast number of different exercises that can be done is huge and with Ben’s help I have found a routine that has not just given me results but also kept me interested in the gym and made me want to train regularly. Ben is always attentive and focused on me, correcting form and making sure that all exercises are done to exhaustion, never looking around the gym and chatting to everyone that passes (like I have seen others doing). I know that for that hour that I have a session, I will be worked and have his undivided attention filling me with confidence that I am achieving what is needed.

His knowledge is vast and has lots of new ideas that are both refreshing and challenging. Not only has his knowledge helped me in my physical appearance but also in my mental wellbeing. Having suffered with insomnia for many years. I now no longer suffer from sleep deprivation and always get a good night’s sleep. This has been the biggest change in my life and the most rewarding part of my training. I now have the energy and the motivation to get out of bed in the mornings.

The best thing about our sessions is that training comes first however there is still time for me to enjoy what we are doing in the gym. I would recommend Ben to anyone that is keen to achieve his or her goals and that wants a dedicated trainer.