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Ollie - Business student

When choosing Ben as my personal trainer I already had in mind what I wanted to achieve through my personal fitness goals. Ben not only took this on board with great enthusiasm, but with his profound knowledge and in his own mind, he knew that I was capable of a lot more! Ben sets his standards very high with me, when I think something is tough, Ben knows my strengths better than I do and motivates me to 'chase the burn'. One of Ben’s best qualities is the ability to turn an individuals physical weaknesses and dislikes, into strengths and turn them into parts of your body that you look forward to training not just with Ben, but when on your own too! My shoulders and biceps were my most hated muscle groups to exercise. Ben has now turned these into my best assets! Ben has not just been a personal trainer to me but a great friend too. He works extremely hard and cares about his clients more than himself! I couldn't ask more from Ben as a trainer and I'll continue to use him and recommend him for a long long time.