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Rachael West

I've been training with Ben for 7 months now and have really been put through my paces due to how much he continues to push me, and every session has been great!

Ben clearly knows his stuff; he keeps routines varied, and never fails to be enthused. In terms of rating him as a personal trainer he's by far the best that I have ever trained with, and over the years, I have experienced a few. Since training with him, I have lost a significant amount of body fat, replaced with lean muscle, and my fitness and general strength has literally exploded. Ben recognised my body’s weaknesses, and helped me strengthen them up, even improving my health to the point of riding me of a life of terrible tension headaches I had been seeing the GP for (more than my physio had achieved).

I am really impressed with the results that I have achieved so far whilst training with Ben, and look forward to continuing towards my beach body for the summer!

Rachael West

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