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Robert Harbert - Assistant Officer HMCR

At 4ft 10ins, weighing a little over 7.5 stone, and a physical Abnormality to boot! Telling a Personal Trainer you want to get ‘Huge’ Is a bit of a ‘tall order’ Excuse the pun! Well that’s what I did with Ben! Oh boy has he risen to the challenge.

I’ve been with Ben for approx 9 months now, and my physique has really grown and changed in that time.

Ben’s a trainer who is results driven. You wont find him looking at His watch near the end of the session. Your not going home till its over, and it aint over until Ben says so!

The workouts are intense but that’s what I ask for and pay for. We do have our lighter moments (laughter I mean!).

His knowledge is top notch and the sessions are constantly evolving so you don’t become stagnant.

Ben has become an amazing trainer, gym buddy and a good friend.

I wouldn’t train with any one else.

The ‘Beast’ ☺